Extra Large ??

Its about 7 inches tall, not really that large to me really. :p If I can pick it up with one hand its not extra large. Not sure what I am going to carve on it, probably just your basic jack'o lantern face. Hopefully it has atleast a few handfuls of seeds I can roast. John still wants me to carve a neep. Not sure about that, just doesn't seem like it would work very well.

No art, and I feel guilty about it. Been drawing a bunch of tattoo designs, but don't want to post them incase one of them catches someones eye and then gets it. You never know, might get a tattoo one day (not sure but I could). I have worked on that leopard a bit, going to change the log he was resting on to a rock. It was hard to tell what it was anyway, and I think a rock would look better. Hopefully *crosses fingers* an art post tomorrow.