Hair everywhere

Started some little art cards today of pictures we took in New Zealand. Not sure really why, because don't really know if anyone would want art cards of New Zealand scenery, but you never know, I can always add them to my collection if not. :) Might have one done today, but that all depends on if I can get any of the sharpeners to work properly and not eat my pencils. (and if I stop writing online)

Thinking of re-doing my website, probably with another template because its a lot easier for me then learning anymore html. (and the husband with a computer degree runs away at the thought of templates) Want to add certain features that I can't with the current site.

I need a haircut. Im starting to look like Cousin It with grey hair. I want to chop it all off but everyone says I will regret it. Regret getting my hair caught in the door or sat on?? hmmm no.

ok off to draw