Lovely Foggy Weather

The last few days the weather has been foggy and wet. The kind of weather people think of when they think of Scotland. I haven't been here in the fall or winter, so its new to me, strange seeing green trees this late in the year. The trees where I come from are usualy bright yellow and red right now,(except when I lived in Alberta, where trees were few and far between). On the plus side I don't have piles of leaves to rake up or fear the odd dead branch falling on my head if I went for a walk in the woods. I do miss the colours and the smells in the air(hopefully by this time the manure smell had gone away).

And its way too early for xmas stuff. Half an aisle of Halloween things and 2 full aisles or more of xmas stuff. o0. But did get these really cute little Halloween coffee cups today and John bought me some tea light candle holders shaped like pumpkins. :)So I have started a Halloween collection again. Also got a pumpkin, so I have to think of something to carve into it. Probably something simple, even though its flat enough on the front if I wanted to do something fancy I might be able to. But I'm crossing my fingers that it has enough seed I can roast and that the oven doesn't cremate the seeds if there is enough.

Pumpkins here are small (people carve neeps [turnips] here too, which I just don't get). I'm used to the ones you can barely get your arms across, the ones here seem like itty bitty baby pumpkins.

No art today, spent most of the day shopping (mostly looking at stuff) and trying to stay warm (and not get hit by some crazy 40 something lady who should not have been driving in the fog because she almost caused an accident between her, a lorry (transport truck) and us). (She was driving so slow the transport truck was going about 3 times faster[but still the speed limit] and had to pull out right in front of us at the last moment)

Ok I think thats it for today. :p