Bit of a Snag

I think I'm getting better at knitting. Not dropping as many stitches as I use to :p Ignore the crappy looking side bit, I don't know what happened there lol

So kind of hit a snag with applying to school. I need a reference and I don't have one :/ I emailed the University to see if the reference can be waived so will have to see what they say.

*back to knitting*


  1. a reference for what? that you will turn up? you are an adult and want to be there!

    i am rubbish at knitting , self taught myself badly! I can do scarves with that fluffy wool that hides dropped stitches!

  2. UCAS Site

    They want a reference talking about me academically, which is a bit of a problem because I was in school 6 years ago and did it through home schooling. They want to know how I interact with people and why they think I would be suitable for the course. Doesn't have to be a teacher, but I still don't have a reference using the other type of people they want a ref. from.

    oh didn't think about using fluffy wool to cover dropped stitches. thanks :)

  3. Gradually catching up now, we were away for the weekend on the south coast. Nice to see some proper sea! The dark knight is coming along very well, I do like this one, you are very good at the subject *cool*. I can actually knit and crochet but very rarely do it. I have a jumper that I have a go at every so often, I used to knit big chunky ones a lot but I am always fighting for time! Although I have managed to get some books read lately as well as my art :-D You can't get a ref if you had home schooling, they should just invite for an interview instead....anyway good luck, anything that doesn't quite fit always poses a problem, crazy really...

  4. i love going to the sea, glad we live 20 minutes from it :) Going to see some seascapes from you now??

    Well I didn't spend all of high school being home schooled. Only the last 2 years and I didn't graduate until I was 20 (long boring story why I didn't graduate earlier). I'm hoping that the do an interview. The school does say that they sometimes do interviews. If not then I might have to go to college first and get a ref. from one of the lecturers.

  5. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Alright, keep knitting! When I was first learning, I make the stitches so tight that I couldn't work with them at all. But you get used to it after a while.


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