Mooned by a Peach?

Everyday Matters Challenge #133 Draw a Peach
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

This peach looked like it was mooning me :p I would find it humorous the amount of times I have actually been mooned; if it wasn't for the fact that most of the time it was my sister doing it. And usually in a bar >.<

Hi sis! ;) :p

More art later. A skeebie (I have no idea how to spell that) if I can find the pictures we took, and a start of a dragon piece.

Ever mooned anyone? I don't think I have, but I could be forgetting. :p

Yes this blogs content is going to the dogs lol well it might give a person a laugh

Hi sis again :p


  1. i must admit I was intrigued by the title of the post! and was not disappointed!!

    I love your mooning peach!

    and no....I have never mooned at anyone....or photocopied my bum ....
    I am a good girl I am !

  2. Hee hee!! I've not mooned anyone but I have been mooned several times by my friend Michelle who enjoys getting her bum out!

  3. lol I would be afraid the photocopier would break if I tried to photocopy my butt lol

  4. some people just really like mooning people, or flashing people. Which I have done >.< ack the secret is out lol

  5. Another fun sketch! The horse is great, but it's more fun to comment on the peach.
    I almost say no to mooning anyone, but I was stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam last Monday, and had just consumed a very large coffee, and here's to hoping that between the darkness and the earthmoving equipment my full moon was not revealed to other stranded motorists.

  6. LMAO! you could hope, but if they did see anything I am sure it will make an odd story at the dinner table. "We were stuck in a traffic jam grandpa and we saw what we thought was a UFO landing, but turned out to be some ones butt" ;)

    I've had to do that and crossed my fingers no one saw *blushes*

  7. Anonymous2:39 am

    i know i mooned you alot just couldnt help myself. thanx for putting it out there but i think you did moon me back once so you have mooned someone at least i think so. i always thought it was funny usually really drunk at the time though.
    luv ya

  8. Jennifer, your version of the story is so much better than mine (ufo landing!). It could have been another planet, as I'm sure mine was not the only full moon! There were lots of cars pulling over, and folks doing 'walkies' with and without the dog.


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