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bread tags. Nope you are not reading that wrong. I'm going to talk about the little plastic piece that tries to keep your bread fresh (even though most people I know just tuck the extra bag under the loaf).

You don't get them here. Instead you get this little sticky piece of tape to twist around the bag opening to try to keep the bread from getting heavy enough to kill a horse with. I hate those little sticky things. After you open them, you can never get it to seal properly and more often than not it sticks to the bread bag and not itself.

Mr.Fuzzy hated the bread tags and twisty ties that are used in Canada. He didn't understand why people would have drawers full of them. It was because you never knew when you needed one to save the day :p And if you got really bored you could make tacky jewelry with them

Photo from here I can't decide on whats worse. That I made a post about bread tags or that there is a article about them

Scottish word of the week:
1. clishmaclaver (no its not bread related)

Answer to the last Scottish word:
1. kaleyard is a veggie patch


  1. The world has gone mad (at last it is catching up with me in the insanity stakes)!

  2. sane people are boring lol :)

  3. maybe with you making a post about it, someone may decide to copy the tag idea :), the sticky labels are hopeless and the sell by date rubs off so whats the point!

  4. lol one could hope :) I should start a petition. Could appeal to the green people, less little plastic tape/tags means less waste. (I will actually be shocked if no one hasn't actually done that yet) ;)


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