Off to the doctor. I swear I should just put a cot in the waiting room some weeks.

Not 100% sure what I did, but the right side of my jaw is killing me. I was talking to Mr.Fuzzy and my jaw felt like it popped out of joint and got stuck. Brought tears to my eyes and a few yelps of pain.

Every time I open my mouth to talk I can hear a noise like crumpling tin foil and it feels like things are rubbing together. Hurts enough for me to go to a Doc. and I try to avoid going as much as I can. I just think its funny. I had zero MS symptoms today but my body seems to want me ill :/

I do grind my teeth and my jaw always clicked when I yawned or when I had to open my mouth wide. The dentists said not to but its kinda hard when eating things like apples. I have a bit to wear at night to protect my teeth and help with me clenching my jaw. hmm I think its not working :p

So probably no art today, hopefully tomorrow and I'm hoping that my jaw isn't a huge problem.

Not a very happy post I know, but I do have a really cool thing to show people that my FIL made for the birds. So come back for that and I promise to make a happier post :D


  1. ouch sounds painful!
    hope it settles and you feel better soon.

    thanks for comment about Poppy and her itch. we have changed her food before a few times cause she had colitis when she was months old and thats why she is smaller than she should be , but she is just a mini labrador and her colitis is all fine as long as she gets no tit bits, charcoal bones once a day and her burns food.
    the itch is new, but seems better after her bath.

    I love Rotties, have never owned one. lady who takes our dog class has a beautiful rottie.
    this post has waffled on....

  2. It doesn't hurt as much as it did, but its still sore. The Doc was not very helpful :/

    Odd that the itch just developed. Hopefully it does go away. Nothing worse then having a pet that isn't 100% (well for me at least)

    I miss our Rottie :( But I do know that Dad will take good care of him. They can make such wonderful dogs. He is just a big suck. Would do anything for a cookie or an orange :p

  3. It sounds like you may have TMJ...grinding the teeth, clicking jaw and soreness of the jaw are common signs. The popping out of your jaw sounded extremely painful, you poor thing. I hope it has eased a lot by now.

  4. it does sound like I might have that serena. I might ask one of the doctors about it and see what they say. Also might ask the dentist even though its hard to get an appointment. Its better now, still making that horrible grinding noise when I open my jaw though, but at least most of the pain in gone :) thanks for telling me about that


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