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My Favourite Kitchen Tool

I had trouble with this weeks "This is". We don't really have any kitchens tools besides a £2 toaster and £2 kettle from the store of evil (where very little helps :p). Not a big enough kitchen to have a lot of stuff. We don't even have a microwave but thats ok because we would only use it to make popcorn :p The kitchen fits our little blue stove, our little fridge a washing machine and thats it. No room for a drier so when it rains we don't have any dry clothes :p

So these are my favorite mugs (they count as tools right? ;) ), also from the store of evil. A witch, a pumpkin and a bat with writings on the other side. I also love the white and brown plates but I am cursed.

They have probably survived 20 years and I have had them for 3 months and broke 2 in the course of 2 weeks :p So out come the bright green plastic plates so I don't break any more of them :p


  1. I love your mugs! I have a witchy one from the same store of evil!



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