Creative Space April 9,2009

april 9 creative space
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Not much different from the last pic :p just a new drawing. Found some paper that is pretty close in colour to the paper I used for the bay charger. Not the same brand but the colour is close enough for me. *crosses fingers that this drawing turns out* I need to add a few more warm colours to it this time. I think last time it was too cool so looked really odd next to the warmer looking bay horse.

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Some more daffodils in the front. The ones we planted finally flowered. Must have been all the rain we have had this week. I make a blog post saying that it doesn't rain all the time and its rained everyday since :p

Cold day today out at Lunan bay. Gorgeous sky but I was shivering the whole time we were there. *brrr cold* Still too cold to wear sandals on the beach :p


  1. i love daffy's, i love how they can have different centres and colours and sizes. I have some huge ones in teh garden and some that are no bigger than my thumb nail.
    The photo of the bay looks fab, cold but fab!
    love teen xx

  2. Lovely pics - our daffies are out too, they usually get bashed by the wind but they're holding their own. I love all the different species, shapes, etc.

  3. Pretty photos. Your art space is so tidy!

  4. Loved the photos! Can't wait to see the horse:)

  5. tina- it was freezing.John put his feet and the sea and said it wasn't that cold o.0 yeah I wasn't going to find out myself :p I love the different coloured centres on them :)

    alison- these were pretty straight but the wind has them all leaning a lot to the right :/

    Ann- not tidy any more, it usually isn't. everything ends up on this desk

    Jennifer- one horse coming up :)


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