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I had no idea what I would have to take a picture of today as I am still a bit too dizzy to go for a walk. But we had to get some groceries (fun walking around the parking lot. Probably looked like I was drunk :/ )and Canine Partners had a little set up in front of the one of the grocery stores.

If we had a fenced yard we would seriously consider fostering one of their dogs. And once we can afford it going to get a dog from the Dogs Trust. I miss having a dog and even if we had to give the dog back I would feel nice knowing that we did something that will really help someone in the future.

For some reason I am really full of energy, never mind that it is 10:19 at night :p Last time I felt like this I went and pierced my ear. You can't see it unless I start playing with the jewellery, it sits so far in my ear, (had both ears done but lost the jewellery on the plane to NZ for the left). No money to do that now *sobs* and I am not going through that much cartilage myself *ouch* Was the only piercing I have ever had the piercer say to me that it will probably hurt. It did, but hurt more when a dog got his claw hooked in the jewellery when he freaked out when I turned the tap on at the groomers and he pulled on it (run on sentence o.0)

yeah apparently I am in a rambly mood. I choose to blame the meds :p

Hopefully have some art tomorrow. Vision is getting better enough that I only really see double when I move my head really fast. Which also makes for a really trippy effect :p Could probably paint some really interesting pictures if I felt like making a mess lol finger painting for the win! (I refuse to grow up, and make no apologies for it :p)

ok I will stop rambling now :p maybe.....


  1. Yes it is an awww moment. Linda and I have been together for twenty five years and have always had dogs. I couldn't imagine not having a dog.

  2. I would be lost without our dogs. Well, maybe not Emmy-LOL!

    Ewww... bet those piercings hurt. I've steered clear of any cartlidge piercings. Yes, I know- I am a wimp ;)

  3. Anonymous12:04 am

    Pretty dog! Hope you get back to normal soon!

  4. Ramble away Jennifer - I enjoy your musings. I am so delighted that you are feeling better!

  5. Glad you are better. Hate to be dizzy which I am a lot. Great dog. I would like to foster.

  6. Mike and Linda- I am lost without a dog. Haven't had dogs that long but not far off. When hubby met me he had never had anything then a pet fish, but after raising our Rottie knows how much a dog can mean to a person :) the only piercing that really hurt enough to make me kick the piercer (who luckily was a cousin's friend) was when I got my eyebrow pierced the third time. that one really hurt.

    Kerry- thanks :)

    Judi- thank you :) I am never sure if people just think I'm crazy when I ramble lol

    Carla- thank you :) not good you are dizzy a lot.

  7. Aww, I hope you get over this dizziness soon. I'm sure it must be miserable to deal with. Hope you get your dog soon, too, I miss having a pet.

  8. For some reason this made me chuckle, when you feel good you get your ear pierced, hehe.

    and i looked at the picture and wow, wouldn't that hurt!

    Hope you get this dizziness resolved. I kind of like it myself, I always feel dizzy...

  9. Hope your dizziness goes away.
    That is a nice photo of the dog.
    Maybe you need one. :)


  10. I adore dogs and I can't imagine life without Cody now.

    I had my upper ear cartilage pierced when we lived in the States. It didn't hurt getting it done but I think they hit a nerve or something because, even months later, it would feel like an electric jolt was shooting through me whenever it got knocked. I ended up letting it heal over.

  11. Sweet pup. You're restless probably because you can't get around the way you want, and the meds. I have a cat that needs steroids, and when he has a bad spell (it's asthma) he get's that 'I'm on steroids' look--eyes like saucer, body ready to explode into action. Oh oh, hoping you don't have that look. Not sure how it would look on a human. Hope you get that dizziness under control soon.

  12. what a beautiful dog! i do love my labs! I would be lost with out my poppy for the self piercing.........erm...nope!

    hope you feel better soon
    lots of love
    me xx

  13. Hope you recover fully soon. I too wish I could have a dog, but since I go away so often it won't be fair on the doggy.

  14. mary- thanks :) you never realize how much you realize them until they are not around any more

    sandy- it think the ear piercing thing has to do with adrenaline, not sure. it hurt but more so during the healing process. lol well if dizzy works for you ;)

    norma- thank you. I do need one :)

    serena- cartilage piercings can be really hard to heal. they can take longer then normal piercings. I know mine where still healing 6 months later. if you got it done with a gun that might have been the problem, if not some ears just don't want to be pierced.

    ingrid- yeah that is probably it :/ which sucks. hopefully go for a walk tomorrow. lol I don't think I look like that (but if I upload the video i took last night people might beg to differ :p)

    tina- we had a lab. named First as he was the first dog we had and couldn't think of a name for him lol my sister tried to pierce her belly button herself :/ stupid :p

    shashi- thank you :) no that wouldn't be fair on the dog. but we don't go anywhere right now so hopefully get a dog in the future. :)

  15. Nice pictures of the lovely dog!

    I wish you to feel better and hopefully dizzinies will go away.

  16. Anonymous2:26 am

    i know what u mean i miss having a dog too!!! hopefully soon but in the same boat as u dont really have the space. and it was my nose i tried to peirce myself i had my belly done by a professonal. still want to get my nose peirced.
    luv ya


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