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Some people might remember when I was taking photos for a month a while ago that I mentioned there was something under a mat at an old store but could never see it.

I walked by it when the mat was up last month but didn't have the camera. Brought the camera with us downtown, but the mat was down :( Asked one of the shop ladies if I could lift the mat and take a picture of the tiles. She kind of looked at me like I was a crazy tourist but said sure go ahead :p

I can understand why its covered to help protect it, but its a shame a lot of people probably don't know its there.

Flowers in the yard next to the In-laws :)

New pavement downtown. Exiting stuff :p It really does look a lot better then it did before, just wondering how long it will last. And they are still working on it.

Its a shame that that part of downtown is starting to look like a ghetto :p

Lots of stores are missing letters in their signs, boarded up to try to protect them from vandals, or are already broken and closed :/ kinda sad to see

This weeks Scottish word:

1. ging

Answer to last weeks word:

1. scutter can means lots of things but I have heard it used to mean doing something messily or crappy :p


  1. YAY for the mystery being solved! I hope that's a sign that I will find out the name of the mystery tree I posted a couple of weeks ago. ;)

    It's always sad to see areas get a down-trodden feel....such a shame that vandals don't put their energy into more positive things.

    I enjoyed your pics today, Jennifer ~ :)

  2. great pics, love the pink flowers!
    wonder what the shop used to sell?
    love tina x

  3. serena- hopefully you find out the name of the tree :) I am really curious about what it is. they have "fun" breaking stuff and the cops can't catch all of a huge group :/

    tina- the shop sells all kinds of stuff :) still sells something it use to and hasn't really changed much inside. nice long cabinets :)

  4. I love the mosaic! Yay to you for being so persistent and observant!

    I haven't seen a Woolworth's in sooooo many years!

  5. back in my youth... eons ago...I visited England and was found standing on the sink taking a photo of another sink. It was beautiful..with a flowery design...and amazing to me.... I'll have to see if I can locate the pic and post it for you to see.... I think they are worth taking pics of too. Soon, there will be nothing left of the old great handiwork...

  6. thanks michelle :) Woolworths is no more here. They all shut down a few months ago UK wide.

    BumbleVee- would be nice to see the photo :D Since I've been taking the camera with me everywhere, I keep seeing little details like the tiles. Sadly many of the things I see are broken from vandals :/

  7. Enjoyed the post and glad you got a pic under the mat. Mysteries are great aren't they.

    Your drawing is coming along great and I can tell it's going to be beautiful when it's finished.


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