no cacti

no cacti
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I really should have bought one of the cacti I saw in Ikea, but I am not going back there for along time and not just to get a cactus. I think if I go back to Ikea any time soon I will kill someone (and it would probably be the first kid that decided to push me out of the way to jump on a bed. [which they broke jumping on] who lets their kids do that in a store? o.0 and wreck a piece of furniture that isn't cheap).

I am having no luck getting a cactus to grow :( This is the third attempt. Those empty cells are where the seeds are but nothing has even tried to grow. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Everything else seems to be thriving. I make sure there is enough water, but not too much. Its a good soil and the area gets lots of light. No idea what is going wrong.

Chrissy gave me this award :)

I need to list 7 things that I like. hmmmm ok :)

1. sugar. which is bad, but candy here is so good :p lol surprisingly my teeth are not horrible
2. lilies I love looking at them and drawing them. so many different colours and shapes. I have no problem growing them, unlike the *!$% cactus :p
3. swimming but I hate bathing suits. Much rather just go in shorts and a t-shirt. or naked!!
4. dragons duh :p I wish I had more space to have more dragon items. I still wish we could put this dragon in the yard :D
5. baking I love baking cookies. Which isn't a good thing when you are trying to watch what you eat. I need to find some root beer extract so I can make root beer cookies. (hubby thinks root beer smells like Germolene [an antiseptic])
6. arm muscles :D I'm a sucker for really nice arms on a guy. Good thing Mr.F works at a garden centre and lifts heavy stuff all day. Has the muscles to prove it.
7. Eeyore :) I have more Eeyore stuff then dragon things lol stuffed animals, socks, p.js, underwear, bags etc. you get the idea :p

The past 2 days have been very odd. yeah just odd :p

kidding about the naked swimming :p


  1. i have never grown cacti so no idea whats going on there.
    love your list.
    hope days get less odd.
    much love teen xx

  2. I think cacti are very difficult to grow fom seed - I've never tried it tho! I'm with you on the arm muscles - mmmmm : )!!

  3. to be honest i dont know Anyone who has succesfully grown cactus from seed, not even here in the desert. You 'might' want to see if its possible to import one from someplace like Moortons'Botanicals, but even then i dont think your climate will work well- hate to be discouraging.. now some succulents, might work, but you need to talk to somebody who knows a LOT more than me.
    Moorten Botanical Garden
    1701 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264 (Map)

    hope they can help
    in so cal desert

  4. Next time I find that I have "extra" cactus, I'll mail you some! :)

  5. I looked at the dragon you would like in your yard...hey me too! That would be some cool yard art.

  6. *hugs* tina :) gotten less odd, and people have had some common sense finally

    alison- I figure if guys can oggle women's chest I should be able to oggle guy's arms :p

    cometkatt- I've had family members grow cactus from seed but no idea how they did it :/ I think if I keep it in the green house it should be all right during the winter as its heated. I might have to go to the city and one of the garden centres and get one that is already grown. thanks for the site :)

    leslie- I wish! :D damn customs guards! :p

    Sandy- and it would be too heavy for the neds to nick! lol might even scare some away :p


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