Everyday in May #20

"Everyday in May #20" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
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11 more to go :) I don't think I have actually ever drawn a kiwi before, don't like the fruit so never have them around.

For once I can think of nothing to write about lol I'm speechless which for me is a shock :p I could very well try to think up some drivel (thats a great word) to fill space but I'm going to go to bed instead :p

*note to self* Just because the strawberry body butter smells like the real thing, doesn't mean it tastes like the real thing. It tastes like feet :p (or how I would imagine feet to taste, not that I have any desire to taste feet)

Good night online world :)


  1. Anonymous7:17 am

    Love this little ACEO, you have done so many and I think they are all great.

  2. Well done - you've had great stamina up till now. Maybe sleep is just the thing.

    I just spotted 'The Labyrinth' in your GoodReads and wondered what you thought of it. I've been struggling a bit - too long between reads and too many new characters introduced... and not much happening so far.

  3. thanks Vic :)

    Jenaveve- I actually really enjoyed the book. About 2 thirds of the way through it did get a bit long winded though. There were a lot of characters, almost too many when you have to stop and go through the beginning of the book, its too many :p It doesn't really pick up the pace until the end, pretty slow paced through the whole thing

  4. Mmm love the kiwi. Sounds good for breakfast! :-)

  5. thanks Michelle :) I'll stick with a banana for breakfast, don't have to use a knife first thing in the morning to cut them ;)

  6. How can you not like fruit? :o

  7. hahha, tastes like feet...too funny, love the drawing.

  8. Tizz I like fruit just not kiwis :) (and mango, tastes like perfume to me)

    thanks Sandy :)


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