Don't Drop It...

would break your foot if it fell on it. An A3 Printer...
also a scanner. Now I can scan a lot of art I couldn't before. Was a lot cheaper getting a printer/scanner/fax machine then it was getting just the scanner.

And I have been asked many times how big A3 paper is, its 16.5 x 11.7 Inches. Here is a list of A series paper sizes, used in most of the world, except North America and Mexico.

Have to clear the desk now...hmmm that might take awhile :p


  1. Hmmm she seems to have contracted the hairy disease as featured in father ted........

  2. Wow that's an excellent technological bargain!! We used the A paper at school, A4, then A3 is two A4s, and A5 is half an A4 etc. What does North America do?? We used to have foolscap too.
    Happy scanning!!

  3. Congratulations for the new scanner. Have fun

  4. Great, now I get to suffer from a serious case of scanner envy... ;-(


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