Happy Dog :)

Its not the dog :p but more messing around with gelli prints and oragami :) 

Here's the dog

 skys ready for her close up 
Extreme close up :p

Went back to the doctor since pain killers are not working and my peak flow just keeps going down. Possible my chest walls are inflamed... I can't take anti-inflammatory meds, so if that is one problem, it will just take time to get better :/ With the amount of pain killers I am taking, I should either be sleeping like a log or really stoned..and I am neither lol


  1. Awwww, sweet dog. Sorry you're still feeling bad :(

  2. You've made me pick-up origami again!
    And, wow, your health woes just suck. I HOPE things turn for the better soon, very soon.

    1. thats a good thing! its a great party trick to have :)

      thanks, i hope the health thing gets better soon too

  3. The messing around looks great not to mention the pooch! Here's hoping the meds kick in to get you stoned or snoozing, or both, in that order. No glue factories requried... :-)

    1. meds havent done anything :/ and thanks :)


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