From this,

to this....

and then....

:( About 20-25 pounds of paper pads fell when I went to grab a pad from the top of the bookshelf, landed on my shoulder/neck and then on the model. I really hope I can fix it but at least I did take some photos and if I have to build it again, I have the Easter break to do it.

And ow :/ I need a vacation lol


  1. Oh that stinks. I'm so sorry to hear that you were hit too - bruising? Hope it is more repairable than it looks.

    1. oddly enough no bruising considering I usually bruise like a peach :p, hurts to touch tho so will probably show up

      I might just make another one taking pieces from this one so I don't have to cut so much again :) make it more sturdier I think :)


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