Serious Sky

Rolina said in a previous comment that she doesn't think she has seen a picture of Sky where her tongue is not lolling out lol :). Took awhile to find one since she usually does have her tongue sticking out, except when she is stalking something, whether that is one of us or a ball. Has no interest in sheep, ducks and geese on the other hand she will try to herd into a circle but then gets pissed off when they just go back into the water.


  1. Hahaha! She looks so serious.

  2. She looks like a sweet soul, your Sky. Great photo!

  3. She is a lovely lady! Loved you story of her rounding up cattle. We had two at a barn where I boarded my horse. One would run along the alley way and snap at the horses' noses as they stuck their heads out at meal times. The other would follow you down to the riding ring to "help" lunge your horse.
    Thank you so much for your lovely compliment on the three geese. The painting is still sitting on my dresser, waiting ofr some touch up or other, but I'm not sure what.

    1. She does run after the horses on the trails if we don't hold on to her, but thankfully doesn't snap at them and most riders just laugh and say well thats what she would be doing if she was on a farm :p


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