365 Sketches #92 - #95

I was in a bit of pain with my toe/foot on the weekend so took a break from drawing. Probably wont be the first time nor the last but the 365 challenge is just really to make sure I keep in the habit of sketching more than once a week :)

Above is an odd little cat and what was supposed to be a candle in the shape of a witches hat, but just looks odd.

And 3 chest pieces catch me up in the challenge.

I keep hitting my toe/foot on things, so obs not healing and very sore to walk anywhere without wincing.Just have to make sure I don't drop anything on it.


  1. ACK! What have you done to your toe??? Hope it heals soon!
    I admire your discipline with drawing, Jen.
    And thank you for your comment on the ship painting. I like the pink, too, but I think a bit more subtle would be better. BUT pink hair is GOOD!!! :)

    1. broke it hitting a base board :p

      I miss the pink hair :( maybe put a darker wash over the pink to tone it down?

  2. I hope your foot heals quickly! I love your latest sketches, the kitty especially.

  3. Hope your foot is feeling better. You are showing such perseverance, keeping up with the sketches. The cat is very cute. Once you hurt something, it just keeps getting hurt. I do that when I accidentally bite the inside of my cheek. I then do it all the time.


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