Snow in April!?!

We have had more snow the last 2 days then we had all winter lol Glad I didn't put the winter coats away. My poor flowers are probably dead and I'm glad now that we were lazy about getting the roses planted.

Had the little gold piece taken out of my eyelid finally, so hopefully will be able to get glasses soon and will be able to see things clearly rather than everything being a colourful blur.

Bruising isn't too bad this time, but it is only 2 stitches this time and a lot easier to take out then put in. It did help with the nerve damage for a bit, but then just started to dig in and cause my vision to get worse. Already an improvement with it gone.

And I didn't forget about a sketch, here is #98. A point and shoot camera, you can never have too many cameras lol


  1. I'm very glad that you're feeling improvement with your vision. The camera is wonderful!

  2. Oh, you poor thing. You must spend so much time being medically aggravated. I hope it has healed well. We had snow on the mountain and the road was closed- it is May, but still it is weird that on both sides of the world there can be almost the same weather where the seasons are opposite.


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