3 Inktober Sketches


Three more Inktober sketches, all based on different animals. The last one is easy but see if you can guess the animals.


Six more to go and I've managed 31 different dragons, probably take a break from dragons after lol


  1. OOOOH ~ Awesome sketches ~ you do this so well ~ ^_^

    Love and light,
    A Shutterbug Explores ~ aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. I'm amazed at all the different looks you achieved. Super drawings. Applause!!

  3. Very nice different looks.

  4. thanks carol :)

    thank you Jo :) I amazed too, didnt think I would come up with 31 different looks

    thanks Christine :)

  5. You are very invested in dragons, I think you would have dragon withdrawal if you stopped! I cannot guess but I like the last cobra like dragon the best.

  6. Love the 3rd one - so cool! The second looks like a sock puppet dragon and I haven't a clue about the first! ha ha

  7. It's incredible how many different creatures you create. Where do you get all these ideas from? It's fantastic how you always meet a unique creepy expression and give them this very special chracter.

  8. yeah i probably wont stop drawing dragons cindy lol

    thanks Rhonda :) the second one is based on an iguana, the first on a gecko :)

    thank you stefanie :) I look at a lot of different animal photos for inspiration :)

  9. Like 'em all but number24 is my fav. Grace and strength!

  10. These are fantastic! I think the second one might be dino inspired and the last one is perhaps cobra inspired, but I'm not sure... I love them though.

  11. thanks Julie :)

    thank you Lisa :)


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