Halloween Dragons update

I have been seriously neglecting this blog the past week, but I have a valid reason (well atleast I think it is). I have an inner ear infection which seriously makes the room spin in circles, kind of makes drawing hard and I will leave the explanation at that before going into any graphic details. But its getting better and I managed to work on my Halloween dragons. They are not done but I still have um.., 23 days!. Should be done tomorrow *crosses fingers* I really like the way it is turning out, even if the pumkin doesn't really look like a pumpkin oops (use your imagination ;). I will post the whole finished version once it is done, with just a small watermark. :)

I love fall, once my ear gets better I really have to try to get pictures of the trees by the loch. Must watch out for the killer geese if they are still hanging around though, they chase people. o.0

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