Nap Time update

Today in the for the first time in the longest time I actually had a nap. Realated to drawing this? No, I wish. Couldn't sleep last night I was so nervous because of the ultrasound I had to have done today. So when that was over I crashed at home. There were no loud gasps of horror during the whole thing so I would assume nothing is horribly wrong, but better safe then sorry. Find out soon I'm told. Probably just scar tissue, meh.

Anyway, now that I almost wrote too much info here is some art:

This is taking longer than I thought it would, about 6 hours into it so far. But I really do like how it looks in real life, the pencils are laying down very nice. Laying down the basic colours and then going to go back and darken or lighten areas that need it.

*crosses fingers* that the weather is nice tomorrow and it doesn't pour down rain. I really want to go to the zoo before it gets too cold. I could wait until next year, but I like going to the zoo this time of year and I really want to get some nice pictures.

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