Aztec Dragon WIP Post#1

"Camouflage?" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So from mooning peaches to angry dragons. I have had this idea in my head for a long time. Draw one of my dragons next to one of the serpents that was on an Aztec wall. The ancient Aztecs fascinate me, especially Quetzalcoatl.

I transferred the sketch onto watercolour paper, and used my trusty Neocolours for a quick background. I am going to use the Neocolours for more than background colours one day. Once I get some canvas I want to see how they act on that surface.

I think I will make the dragon either red or orange. A really warm coloured dragon to stand out from the green. Xmas Aztec dragon :p And then all kinds of colours for his feathers.

Faded colours on the stones, but mostly grey rock with the odd patch of moss.


  1. oh this is gonna be fab!

    I love dragons xx

    have a great Sunday x

  2. I love the background, its looking good :-D


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