Aztec Dragon WIP Post#2

"Camouflage" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Started to lay the basic colours down for the feathers. I still need to add most of the shading and a few more bright colours to them. I plan on having faded colours on the stone dragons feathers, just using red and blue probably. 4 hours just to do this little bit.

Coloured pencil is definitely not a medium for people that are into fast results. I love using them, but sometimes I wished I had room to toss paint around. Would have really colourful walls if we did :p

And an odd visitor to the bird feeder. Pushed the little birds away and then found out that the little birds had already eaten all the food we put on there today :p


  1. 4 hours! wow!
    it is gonna be beautiful though!

    I love how the wee birdies are all lined up watching the invading dove!


  2. thanks :)

    I know, I had to rush to get the camera before they all flew away lol


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