White Knight Finshed

"White Knight" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured pencil on Murano paper
For Sale Here

*dances* :D :p I am so gald this is done and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Sometimes it does pay to re-do a piece when you are not happy with the original.

I should have bought more paper this colour but I still remember what it is called so will def. be picking up some more when I can.

There are so many tack variations I could do the amount of horse heads I draw is really only stopped by me getting bored with them, which is unlikely to happen :) I don't think I will ever get sick of drawing horses.

I spent most of the day working on finishing this up, organizing all the print copies (of all the art I have for sale) that has to be put on disks so they are a bit more organized. Now that I am done applying to Uni I am going to throw myself into my Etsy shop and try to be a "proper" artist. Have really been slack and can really do a lot more to try to sell art.

So after we work on the garden tomorrow and Mr.F goes to get 2 cavities *sound of the drill can be heard in the background*, I hope to have a few ACEOs up for sale here first and then put them on in my Etsy store (cheaper prices here as I don't have the fees to pay). Yes this is a shameless plug :p I do promise to not turn this blog into a sales blog, but I don't want to add anymore blogs to the ones I already have (and keep forgetting to update)

The flat still smells like bread :D lol and he is still cooking more. Mr.F is getting better and better with his bread and it tastes so much better then store bought it isn't funny.


  1. Nice finish, Jennifer! Good luck with your ETSY store ~ :)

  2. Wonderful work! Wonderful!

  3. Jennifer I really like your drawing it's absolutely beautiful.

  4. Jennifer the bird in the photo is a Laughing Gull.

  5. Jennifer, he's lovely. You sound like a busy little beaver there.

  6. So pretty. You are so talented.

  7. Anonymous7:45 am

    Love this piece Jennifer, really looks superb on the reddish brown paper with the colours coming up bright and intense.

    I dont think it hurts to list something for sale now and then on your blog,and having no fees is a bonus too.....wish you luck with it.

  8. What a a beautiful piece. I can see how you love drawing horses. It shows through your drawings.

  9. Oh, it SO dramatic! Love the deep red color of the paper. Good luck with your sales.

  10. This turned out so wonderful! Great job..

    Oh I can smell that bread too...well really I can.

  11. Wow- that is a stunning picture- great work, Jennifer.

  12. I love the horse, he's beautiful! The bread looks good too. My Granny used to make wonderful bread too.

    Thanks for your comment. I was glad to read your "rant" because it's people like the Chawners who give every benefits claimant a bad name and make it so difficult to claim. Plus, if there weren't people like them getting benefits there would be more money for genuine claimants. Like you, I had to go through hoops to get incapacity benefit, despite having depression, double vision, osteoporosis and high blood pressure which meant that no-one wanted to employ me, especially after losing my last job because of ill-health. Not something one can actually keep secret! Like you say, there is such a stigma attached to depression in this nation. Your disabilities are far greater than mine and yet you have difficulties with the authorities! I find that totally reprehensible! Why are the sick made to feel like pariahs and blaggers?! After all, we worked for years and paid into the system. Why should our sicknesses be made harder to endure because of the worry they put us through?! Then along come the Chawners and people like them and I wonder how they get away with it. Gggrrrr!!! Sorry, I'm having a rant too, lol! I was just so incensed when a friend sent me the link I had to blog about it!

    Take care! :) xxx

  13. this is beautiful!!!

    I love everything about it!

    Hope Mr Fuzzy is ok after the dentist.

    love tina x

  14. WOW! It looks stunning. I love the colours.

  15. WOW! It looks stunning. I love the colours.

  16. Terrific finish! This is a great piece - the red is perfect.

  17. thanks Serena and Helen :)

    thanks mike, its a neat looking bird :)

    Rose- busy busy. need more time in the day to get things done

    Carla- thank you :D

    thanks vic :) I don't want to post only art for sale so hopefully that doesn't start happening

    thats a really nice comment Shashi, thanks :)

    Thanks Melody :)

    Sandy- the smell has crossed oceans! o.0 well considering we can still smell it here it might have :p

    thanks linda :)

    Black Cat- rant away! it bugs me a lot when people like that family get benefits and are not even trying to help themselves, and blame others for their problems. If I wanted to I could reapply for benefits, over and over again if I wanted to, but I would probably still be told I could be doing a desk job and be denied. And because I am self employed they think I could be out working away from home. yeah some days I could, but what happens on the days where I have to crawl out of bed? :/ but people that say they are on benefits because they don't want to work can bugger off! :p ok I'm done ranting lol

    thanks tina :D says his teeth are fine, one more cavity to get filled though

    thanks Michelle and Ann :D

  18. Gorgeous. Congratulations. It's beautiful.

  19. thanks michelle and ingrid :D


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