Everday in May #23

Took the day off from drawing but did manage another small experiment with the Yupo paper. Took the last card done with watercolour pencils and used Neocolors on top of that.

I actually thought that the crayons were not going to "stick" to the paper. They didn't pick up the underlying pigment, but the Neocolors just slid off the watercolors. I had to press really hard to get any of the crayon to adhere to the paper but once an initial layer was put down there was no problems getting the crayons onto the paper. The crayons seemed to blend pretty well over the watercolors.

And wetted down:

Big problems with this :/ The underlying watercolours were picked up and washed off when I wetted the Neocolors. This had not happened on the other 2 cards I did. So this really ended up as a card done with Neocolors only as there is no evidence of the watercolor pencils except in the shadow.

And finished and scanned:


The actual card is somewhere between these 2. White paper, but the apple looks more like the one in the photo.

I have decided that I do like this paper, but really only for useing the Neocolors on it as the colours seem to stay closer to what they should be and are easy to munipulate on the paper. So 2 sheets left, just need to figure out what to draw on them now :)


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