Everyday in May #21

yellow dragon drawing"Everyday in May #21"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Graphite on Coloured Stonehenge

Quick little dragon today :) When I don't have a lot of time to draw, I fall back to doodling dragons. Spent most of the day working on this:

eagle drawing WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose PhillipCopyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I decided that I liked the background as it is so didn't need to add any more colour to it. 3 hours later and all I have to show for it are 2 eyes lol Still need to darken some parts of the eyes, but I am going to wait to do that until I have started in on the rest of the face before I do. That right eye just looks so odd. I think its because of the slight tilt to the head and the lack of colour on the rest of the head. At least I hope it is lol :p


  1. Anonymous12:39 am

    I love the greens and yellows in the hair/background. Looked finished to me, any way I am just entranced by the colors.

  2. Lovely effect in the background and the little dragon is so cute!

  3. The dragon is very cool!
    And those eyes look great! It's starting to come together.

  4. The background on the owl piece is wonderful and I think the eye looks fine! Cute dragon too. :)

  5. thanks Susan :)

    Serena- thank you :D

    Ann- thanks :)

    Melody-thank you :D


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