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Eye Spy...green
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Something green :) Mr.F's little veggie patch is growing well. He put some stakes in the ground for the beans (yuck!) and the peas to help them. The strawberry plants are growing new leaves and the onions are growing like weeds :p

There is a Dahlia bulb in the ground before those stakes in the front. I don't know if it will get as big as the one last year, but it might as the soil is deeper here and its full of all kinds of plant food (bone meal stinks :/)

The little veggie patch looked like this at the end of April but with all the rain we have had this past week everything has grown A LOT.

The rain last night was insane! A river of water flowing down the street. Really neat to see, but its shredded a lot of the flowers that came early this year :/

These were all right as they are right beside the house so were protected.

See that bundle of sticks in the top of the picture? Thats what I tripped over last week. Don't ask me how I missed it, one stick must have been sticking out and caught my foot. I'm actually shocked I don't trip over it more often :p

I really wanted to get one thing done each day in May but its looking like I will not get anything done today *sobs* Going to try my best though :)

More Eye Spy here (eventually I think ;) )


  1. that blue anemone is my all time fave flower! I even had some in my wedding flowers.
    so pretty!

    love teen xx

  2. Yay for the greenery showing in your veggie patch! Love the blue anemone...very pretty flower!

  3. oh love your garden!

  4. Hooray for all the growing veggies! That always makes me happy to see in the spring.

  5. I am glad that it has rained here then I don't have to water the garden. The downside of it is that when it is heavy the flowers fall off.

  6. Wonderful color and such great gardeners you both are! Be careful out there, no more sore toes. :(

  7. that would have been really pretty Tina! :D I'd never seen them before I moved here, if I had of I probably would have used them too in my bouquet

    serena- I'm glad things are growing, just not sure what we are going to do with it all lol

    thank Sandy :)

    tara- its always nice seeing something you are trying to grow actually live lol

    shashi- yeah the good part of the rain is not having to water the lawn lol might have to put the rest of the flowers closer to the house if the rain keeps up :/

    Melody- I can't grow anything but roses lol I have a black thumb of death. hubby is pretty good at it tho :)

  8. Things are coming along nicely in your garden! It's fun to watch new things happening in the backyard. I am never consistent enough at caring for mine so the new things are usually what state of dead something is in..


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