Eye Spy ...

My morning ritual....a shower :p (themed picked this week by Angie) I don't really have anything special I do in the morning but if I don't have a hot shower in the morning I am dead the rest of the day (hot as in boiling. Mr.F has no idea why I don't have third degrees burns on me by the time I am done :p). I honestly don't really have a rituals in the morning as we don't have any dogs to let out, any kids to deal with and I work from home so can start work whenever I want lol

Mr.F's grandfather did the lovely tile job in the bathroom :) which goes really nice with the paint colour and the tiles didn't cost us a thing as we had won £96 on the lotto the week before :) I love the electric shower. If someone flushes the loo the temperature never changes,well it does for a second if the washer kicks on which can be a little shocking. Boiling hot water to freezing cold :p bit of cursing coming from the bathroom when that happens.

For more Eye spy head over here :)

I was asked to pick next weeks theme and I had thought of one a few weeks ago but of course didn't write it down so I've been racking my brain trying to think of something. So the only things I could think of where "Eye Spy a scar" because I have a lot of visible scars that tell a story (and ones that are not in embarressing places :p) and hearing other people's stories about how they ended up with that particular scar can be interesting (but I'm a little morbid that way:p) And "Eye Spy something blooming" which would probably be the better theme idea as not everyone would feel comfortable showing or talking about scars. hmmm not sure what to pick lol (and really the blooming theme could go very wrong if someone decides to take a picture of their bloomers :p)


  1. Great great colors in that shower, it's so cheerful.

  2. thanks Sandy :) they really brighten up the bathroom


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