Pea Thief!

Mr.F thought that the drunk pigeon was eating his peas but no. Its this little bird :/ and his pushy buddies (I swear its like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie when they all show up). They leave the peas in this photo alone but I guess the ones to the left are fair game. Well better them then the slugs (last year the slugs were HUGE! and everywhere)

Some buildings for this weeks Monday photos :)

Mcmanus art gallery in Dundee. Its been having work done for the last few months, and the fences are still up so not done yet.

A church in Arbroath when I went to the college the other day.

And the train station, notice the top of the building. It says 1911 :)

Arbroath abbey from the crossing bridge over some train tracks. You can't really see it walking around but the bridge was up pretty high so could get a view of it :)

On the top of the building I went in to :) Love old buildings and love finding these little signs on them. Since I've been taking the camera with us everywhere I have noticed them more.

"Everyday in May #25"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Ink on Bristol

Another one to drive me insane :p I'm not 100% sure if I will scrap this one and try again as I don't really like how the eye looks at the moment but I really like how the beak is coming along. I thought I should maybe try a smaller bird piece with pointillism before I tackled a bigger one and not have any idea about how to render feathers. 6 left! (well maybe 8 to make up for posting 2 WIP cards)


  1. Love 'pointilisim' - looks great:) The photos of the buildings area really interesting to see :D

  2. Jennifer,

    Love the photos that you posted!
    Did you change the look of your blog? It looks different to me.


  3. I love old buildings too. Thanks for sharing they are beautiful.

  4. I love the eye! Great pics my dear...and good to see the sunshine eh? Sparrows nicking the peas! Hammmm

  5. Gorgeous photos! How I dream of going to Scotland! 5 more years and I'm there, it will be my 40th present to myself:)

  6. thanks alison :D

    norma-yep changed it a few weeks ago to black and green :)

    shashi- no problem :) I love finding the old buildings to take pictures of. no one around here blinks an eye at them but to me they are something new to take a pic of :)

    chrissy-thanks :D was really nice to see the sunshine :) john got a bit too much sun on his cheeks tho so is a bit burnt :/ I can't be mad at the sparrows for too long, they are just too cute :)

    jennifer- thats a great birthday present! where do you want to go in Scotland?


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