Laser Dog Ready!

Careful! Give her treats or she fires :p

Finished Ipod case :D Really like how it turned out. Wanted a worn look for it and I think I did a good job getting that.


  1. I think her right eye has a bit if the Borg about it: I'd give her treats!! Nice iPod case, I totally missed that it was going to have a function!!

  2. She is just to cute! Gotta love that big tongue hanging out. The case turned out awesome, just don't poke yourself on it?

  3. LOL...too funny! She's one happy dog!

    I like your iPod case...nice work!

  4. Wow! The iPod case is fantastic! Seriously fantastic!!!

  5. Great ipod case!!!
    Funny dog - it does really look like she has lazer eyes!!!

  6. lol. She certainly has a lot of character your dog.


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