New Etching

This is one of two etchings I started today, the other being the horses I previously talked about. But with the horses I really want to get more done on it so the art will actually have a horse in it since there is a lot of foreground and background to the horse piece before the horses show up.

I have actually already etched this image, but before I finished it, the plate cracked so wanted to try again and with a slightly bigger image.  Might also improve on what I had done before, since practice makes perfect.


  1. It is looking great already (what a shame about the previous plate cracking - what type was it?)!

  2. it was just normal 3 or 4 mm perspex, this is on the same but from a different sheet. I think it cracked because I must have dropped something heavy on it :/

  3. I would have cursed and sworn a lot, especially the amount of work you put into each etching :(

    1. trust me, the air was pretty blue for a few days lol live and learn tho :) but I am being extra careful with this one lol


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