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So the eye of a freaked out horse. Ok not really but I would be freaking out myself if there was an animal that weighed over 1000 pounds running full tilt at me with a strange creature on its back carrying a huge ****** stick :p

This is on Mi-Tientes paper, but not 100% sure of what the colour is called. This is the only sheet I have, went back a few days later and the store had gotten rid of all of their Mi-Tientes paper :/ damn. And I have another horse close up like this but of a grey horse and a different cloured headgear.

We got a lot of good photos of the horses and their knights, even if not accurate makes for good reference pictures to base drawings on.

Still lots to do on just this little bit that is coloured. Need to darken the shadows and the eye. Make the horse look more brown instead of maroon :p And yes I am cheating with the paper colour, helps to fill in the empty space left between the pencils.


  1. i must admit i am a bit scared of horse's......

    i love the colour of the paper.


  2. Love the color of the horse and paper. You are very talented.

  3. I love horses, but they are huge animals. Even a small pony can do a lot of damage so I understand when people are scared of them. I have maybe been on a horse a dozen times, but I love even just being around them. If it wasn't for my MS I would be going to school to be a vet and specializing in equine or reptile care. I love all of the draft breeds, just something about them that I love. Probably the same reason I love big mastiff dogs. I wish we had more space for one of them :/ (the dog, not a pony. Well we might have room on the drying green for a small pony :p)

    Thanks Annette :) Your jewelry is gorgeous!

  4. Oh wow your ART is amazing!

  5. That eye is really detailed.

  6. Anonymous7:42 am

    Nice colour paper to work on Jennifer...look forward to seeing your horse finished.

  7. This is looking really good and a subject I haven't seen from you before. I am looking forward to seeing this one develop, its looking good and nice choice of paper. Never tried Mi Tientes, its one I would have to order online...

  8. thanks everyone :)

    chrissy, the paper has 2 sides. A more rough, bumpy side and a much smoother side. I use the smoother side but a lot of people like the rough for the textures it can help create.

  9. Oooh, this is going to be an awesome picture!

    It does seem to be getting harder and harder to buy specific art supplies locally these days, I am tending to buy more online now.

    Oh, and dragons, have you ever read the book, The Flight of Dragons by Peter Dickinson? It is one of the best dragon books ever (great illustrations too)!

  10. This one looks like it's going to turn out really well! I like the crop you've decided on for this piece, it's really dynamic.

    I love Mi-teintes, that's too bad that the art store got rid of it. What were they thinking?? :/

  11. I prefer to buy art supplies online, not just because I can get what ever I need, but also because every time I go into the store in Dundee all I get is attitude. They have one really nice helpful staff member but other than that no matter how nice I am I always get crap service. Of course they might have gotten better staff since the last time I was there (about 4 months ago). :/ Which does suck considering it is nice to have a place to get supplies without waiting for shipping to get here.

    I haven't read that book, going to have to add it to my wishlist and see if the library has it. :) thanks

    Rita the art store sucks :p But they have a good selection of Murano paper, so its not all bad I guess :p I'm just glad that last time I went home I grab some more paper from Currys (I love that store). :)


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