Seeing Double

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

The paper is not as red as it looks on my screen. More of a dark maroon colour. Here is a scan of what I have finished so far. Not a whole lot since the last update on it.

I had every intention of finishing this today but after about an hour I had to stop as I started seeing double. Which might be caused by me having labyrinthitis. Yeah I had to look it up to figure out exactly what it was. Hopefully it gets better sooner rather then later :/

But if I disappear for a few days it is because staring at the laptop monitor really messes with my head. If I was a horse someone would have shot me by now :p

And why did I not think to start a blog about candy? Been reading that blog on and off all afternoon. Have had to cover one eye up with my hand to focus though. Too bad I don't have an eye patch. Actually be glad I don't. If I did I would be talking like a pirate all the time and walking around with a parrot on my shoulder :p Arrr! And I would have a sword. I'd either be really good with it or utter crap :p Cut my own leg off. I'd really look like a pirate then. Eye patch, parrot and a peg leg :p


  1. gosh, you are so talented. I love how precise your outlines are before you even start with the detail. anyway, sorry about the labyrinthyism, unless you do turn into an actual pirate, which sounds like it could be kinda cool x

  2. It's looking wonderful!

    Sorry about the Labyrinthitis though....must be quite frustrating to deal with. Do you get it often?

    I hope you feel much better soon ~

  3. The drawing looks lovely - I've heard of 'Labyrinthitis', - very strange thing! Hope you get better soon : )

  4. thanks siansburys :) yeah being a pirate would be cool. not a pirate of today but one a few hundred years ago

    Serena- thank you :) When I was a kid I use to get ear problems all the time but once I got rid of my tonsils I stopped getting sick so much. I don't know what caused it this time. second time in a year this has happened, but at least this time I didn't end up in the hospital.

    alison- thank you :) I had never hear of it either (and the doc couldn't spell it :/). a few people have told me that it might take a few more weeks then what I've been told for it to go completely away, but hopefully its sooner rather then later

  5. this is gonna be so pretty !
    hope you feel better soon my lovely xxx
    hugs Tina xx

  6. haha, your post was funny...eye patch, parrot and peg leg...

    Sure hope you don't have to deal with that long. The drawing is going to be cool, can't wait to see it finished.

  7. That picture is very interesting. I look forward to seeing the finished result but I reckon you should keep a copy just as it is as well!

    I get double vision too (well, actually I've got it all the time) so I was interested to read the article about labyrinthitis. I hope you get better soon. Having double vision all the time is no fun, but mine has improved following various surgeries and treatment. Hopefully one day it will be cured...

    As to the MySpace message, I think it's really them coz I don't think just anyone can message you unless they have your permission (though not really sure) but I'm not clicking on that "Copyright Education Program" anyway! Apart from anything else, how patronising does that sound? Sheesh!

    Take care and get well soon. Oh, BTW, you might find it helpful, if you wear glasses for the computer, to stick some Micropore to the inside of one lens. If not, you should be able to get an eyepatch from your local chemist. Be careful when walking about though. Seeing through just one eye means you lose depth of field so you need to be careful on stairs and mind not to bump into things, lol! :) xxx

  8. thanks tina :D

    Sandy- thank you :) and I always wanted a parrot lol

    Black Cat- thank you :) hopefully one day you are cured. its not fun :( I have had people message me that I didn't know on myspace, but I haven't used it for awhile now so it might have changed. my glasses have that coating on the lens to stop glare so don't know if that would work. I'd wear a patch, I'm not vain at all, I just don't want to deal with the neds yelling at me if I did :/ and I'd be bumping into things all the time lol I do even with both eyes work :p

  9. Hey Jen - hope you are feeling better really soon!

  10. okay, I know it isn't funny...but, honestly, when you tell it... I just had to laugh out loud by the time you got to the bit about the peg leg....hahahah...sorry....


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