Everyday in May #18

"Everyday in May #18"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

For someone who loves snakes I don't draw them enough :p hmm the angle on this is a little off so he looks a little crooked. Practice, practice, practice :) I have a lot of ref. pictures of my Ball Python that I had, so I will probably do a few more practice pieces of him and then I want to try to do a coloured pencil piece. The colours that his scales gave off when the sun hit them was just gorgeous and its the colours you don't think would be there. Lots of blues, purples and greens :) (even pink lol)

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

This looks so odd right now. The eagle facing the viewer is at an odd angle that looks really wrong when its not shaded. I think everything is where it should be, but I will have another look at it tomorrow to make sure before I transfer it onto the watercolour paper. I made the bird in the backs head a little bigger then it probably should be but, but with a small head his/her eyes, looked like saucer plates :p (I'll go with her for the back eagle. As females are generally bigger then the males)

I am actually shocked that I have pretty much been able to draw everyday for May and haven't run out of things to draw yet. Proves to myself I can draw everyday if I set up a schedule, which seems to be working well so far, Who needs to sleep anyway? ;)


  1. Sleep? Naa. But this drawing every day does have surprising benefits. The snake look terrific! But eeeww, don't let me see a real one :)

  2. You are doing really well with your every day in May....
    I really wouldn't have a hope! Great job on the snake, despite tring my hardest, I still am not overly keen. So are the eagles going to be a watercolour? What watercolour paper is good for CP's ?

  3. The snake is really good... I don't know how you are managing every day, but these are all amazing!

    BTW - I don't mind snakes!

  4. Snakes give me the willies, but the drawing is great. Maybe the eagle will eat the snake when he is completed? LOL!

  5. Well done on keeping your schedule to draw. It is good practice. I seem to always end up being interrupted the I plan to do some of my craft work.

  6. I love your drawings. The snake is great. I love them too. I have some great photos of them on my flickr site.

  7. thanks Ann :) I thought it would be hard drawing everyday, but its actually turning out to be easier then i thought :) snakes are harmless, well most of them lol but I know some people really do not like them so would never push a snake on a person :)

    chrissy- thanks :) the background is going to be neocolors and the eagles are going to be CPs. thats the plan at least lol i use fabriano water colour paper (can't recall exactly what one...) I know that most hot pressed paper work well with CPs but sometimes the different texture can take time to get use to.

    michelle- thank you :) snakes are great, and can make such nice companions when taken care of right. I don't know how I have managed to get a drawing done almost everyday either lol

    linda- LOL! I'd be routing for the snake to win ;)

    Shashi- thanks :D set a time and tell people not to bug you that you are not around, even if in the same room. helps when people can't talk to you, or you put in headphones so you can't hear them talking ;) lol

    carla- Thanks :) I am off to look at your Flickr site :D


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