I am Such a Clutz

"Everyday in May #25"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I'm accident prone. Yesterday evening I was trying to look in the front yard to see why all the birds flew away all of a sudden, thinking I had to scare away a cat. The window was closed and I must have misjudged the distance because I whacked my head on the pane. Didn't really hurt at the time, but woke up today with a horrible headache that got worse as the day went on. Was feeling dizzy and my head was throbbing where I hit it. Mr.F phoned the docs and he said "yep sounds like you have a mild concussion". of course :/ great.

So I did try to finish this card but all the dots were really giving me a headache. Tried working on the eagles but the same happened. I'm hoping tomorrow things are better and I can at least get some more done on this card, even if its not finished. Kind of puts a damper on trying to get 31 ACEOs done for Everyday in May, but can't do much if I can't concentrate on things (I keep forgetting simple things, more so then I usually do :p)


  1. Oh Jennifer! Ouch! Take care of your head first, you can always catch up with your art cards later :-)
    This one's looking great!

  2. I don't want to nag...but do you think you should get that checked out? Having just had a concussion myself...it was worth it to know there is no bleeding. And, not to be a bummer, but it took me a whole week before the nausea and pain finally went away - please take care of yourself!

    We'll be here when you get back. Lots of rest and TLC from Mr. F now. :D

  3. OUCH! You poor thing! I hope the concussion heals up quickly so you can get back to your art. (((Hugs)))

  4. I have done that... Not to the point of concussion, tho! :-)
    I love how this one is coming... I'll catch up when I get back...

  5. Anonymous8:07 am

    Owwww Jennifer, I hope you start to feel better soon...the Eagle is looking great.

  6. Hope your head feels better soon. Take rest. I have walked into a glass door once. Felt so foolish lol!

  7. Damn girl, take it easy with yourself! Next thing we know you will be walking into doors! LOL! Hope you feel better real soon.

    Love that eagle sketch. You got that eye with the sharp intensity eagles are known for- great work.

  8. Oh Jennifer, hope you feel better soon. Don't worry about your art...It will wait for you! :)

  9. Don't overdo for a few days... concussions are not something to be taken lightly...

  10. thanks Ann :) I know I can catch up but I really wanted to try to draw everyday lol

    rose- docs here are all about saving money (ok maybe not all but a good fair amount of them) so unless I was to faint or have major symptoms they don't really do a lot for a concussion. When hubby had a concussion they should have checked his head considering his nose started to bleed after but they never suggested it. the area is usually great for MS related things because there is a huge MS population in the area but other things not so much :/ and your not nagging, thank you :D I don't have and nausea thankfully, the head still hurts tho :/

    thanks Serena :D

    Michelle- I felt like such and idiot when I hit my head lol even the doc was like "the window wasn't open and you went to look out of it?" >.< have fun on your travels!!

    thanks Vic :D

    Shashi-thank you :) feeling foolish is the worst part lol and then I look around to see if anyone saw me :p

    Linda- at least I haven't walked through a door ;) (yet :p) and thanks about the eagle :)

    Norma- thank you :D When I can't draw is when I want to draw the most lol

    BumbleVee- its really hard to sit still tho and not do much lol :)

  11. I do hope you are feeling better now. You remind me of my son, somehow, LOL. Just don't ever get yourself a pushbike!

  12. I'd need a stool to get on John's bike, the wheels are really tall. I almost wiped out trying to get on a few weeks ago lol
    I did have a pushbike in Ontario that I used a lot. But I did have the habit of coming back from a trail ride a little more bruised then when I left :p

    Is your son really clumsy too? :) ;)

  13. Those cats are seriously bad for your health! :)
    Make John kiss the ouch.

  14. I know, I blame to local cats :/ its all their fault :p

  15. Jen, I can always remember going to the hospital with him for about the third time in two months and he went Mum "Whats that room there?". I can recall answering, "that is the plaster room, you haven't been there.........yet"! He broke his collarbone not long ago on a pushbike!

  16. chrissy- ouch! o.0 what was he doing? stunts?


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