Jaguar WIP

Started another drawing today, had nothing else to do in class since I had everything done. This is from a reference photo from paint my photo.

The basic shapes were drawn, and it does look a little long in the face, but not enough to make me want to erase any of it :p

Starting to shade the face and work up the basic values.

Almost done with the body shading,still need darker values and spots of course :)


  1. Looking good .... but I don't envy you those spots - going to be a challenge methinks :-)

  2. i just love watching WIP as it goes along.

    love teen x

  3. Oh wow, that's a beautiful Big Cat you age created.

  4. I love when you do these.... He's gorgeous!

  5. Looks great :) ....enjoy the spots LOL

  6. thank you everyone for your comments :D


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