Eye Spy a....wip

eye spy....wip
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Another picture of the grey charger. It really does feel like I have been working on this forever. Just a bit more of the neck to colour and then the tack. Which should be easy as its just basic browns and yellows with the odd bit of blue thrown in for shadows.

More Eye Spy here

So up next is either another dragon piece, the draft horse I started a few weeks ago that is covered in fancy tack, or a bird. Probably the bird. There are a few dozen pictures of Raptors that I took last year that I could use. Of course I could just end up drawing another horse, but if I do I will at least draw the whole body not just the head :p Prove I can to people lol

And broken toe number?...actually I have lost count how many times I have broken the little toe on my left foot :/ Its twisted so bad that I am walking on the side of it (actually I just looked at it. I am pretty much walking on the nail :/) Can't put any weight on it. Made a nice loud crack! when I hit it off the tub. Mr.F heard it in the other room, sitting besides his desktop with fans that make a lot of noise. No point taping it to other toes as I don't have the force to straighten it and no point going to the docs because they can't do anything but tape it (not effecting me walking so no reason to re-break a little toe)

I am such a clutz :p


  1. Grey Charger is looking good :) Sorry about your toe - there must be something on the air this week! Hope it's better soon :D

  2. I am loving the horse art piece. You poor thing, brocken toes hurt so bad, but yours sounds really painful!

  3. Oh wow - less walking is best if you can. Hope it heals well this time, poor girl.

    And the charger is looking ace. I kind of like projects that take a bit of time. I'm getting into the whole 'taking my time' process these days. Oh wait, that's when I actually do something at all...

  4. I am excellent at falling over and hurting my feet/ankles/toes too.
    The charger is looking divine!

  5. Oh so sorry to hear about your toe. Can't be pleasant walking around on an injured toe!
    The charger is wonderful.

  6. Love the Grey Charger! Your work is always so great. Can't wait to see the dragon and others. :)

  7. I have broken at least three of my toes over the years so major OUCH on your broken toe!

    The Grey Charger piece is coming along beautifully!


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